Opening Day Scramble – April 27, 2024

Winners with a 65 gross score – Tom Corr, Melissa Mantor & Paul Breen

Thank you to all who participated in our 2024 Opening Scramble! The weather was great for most of the day, though a chilly wind developed toward the end of the round. But that only made the chowder and chili dogs tastier! 

Thanks to Drew, Don, and Kelly for all the help with the food, and to our entire golf and greens staff for the preparation. 

OPENING DAY SCRAMBLE RESULTS: Saturday, April 27, 2024

          Tom Corr – Paul Breen – Melissa Manter              65 Gross                                             

          Tony Godfrey – Jeff Otten –                                    60.6 Net                 

          John Gurney – Jim Kopf

          Paul Seguin – Justin Chen – Bob Nash                60.7   Net                                           

          Deacon Perrotta – Esteban Aranzabe –                 61.1 Net                 

          Trip Wadleigh – Sander Shapiro

           Bruce Stone – Rob Hannemann – Ardell Otten    61.1 Net                               

Closest to Pin #7

          L: Melissa Manter                               37’0″                

          M: Esteban Aranzabe                          7’6″                 

Long Drive #10

          L: Melissa Manter                                                      

          G: Sander Shapiro                                                     

          B: Paul Seguin                                                            

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