Score Card


Local Rules

USGA Rules Govern Play Unless Modified by Local Rules

  • Out of Bounds: Beyond any white stakes.
  • Free Drop from cart paths and service roads: One club length no nearer the hole.
  • Waste area to right of #4 is not a hazard, and is to be played as through the green.
  • Flag color indicates location of pin.
    Red – Front   White – middle    Blue – Back
  • Yardage markers located in fairway are measured to center of green
  • Stones in bunkers that interfere with shots may be removed without penalty. If the ball is moved, it shall be replaced.
  • Sod wall on #2 is an integral part of the course. Relief may be taken under penalty only.
  • Ball striking power lines on #2 MUST be replayed with no penalty.
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